Programs & Course Descriptions


CASP (Competency-based Approach to Social Participation)

The CASP program objective is to educate and socialize students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities in order to provide them with the essential competencies to become more autonomous and increase their social participation. Dedicated teachers provide customised instruction to each student through functional Academic and Life Skill courses connected to real life areas such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Physical Education and Health, Arts and Life in Society.


Défis is a 5-year program that offers a modified curriculum aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students with moderate to severe intellectual impairments and foster their social integration. Specialised instruction includes functional Academic and Life Skill courses connected to real life areas such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Transportation, Leisure, Personal Growth, Visual Arts, Home Economics, Preparation for the Job Market (exploration oriented). At the end of the programme, the school will evaluate the student’s needs and, with the help of their family, guide them to the appropriate programs available in adult education.

MAP (Modified Academic Programme)

MAP is a 4-year program with core subjects that focus on literacy, numeracy and communication skills for students with an academic profile that shows a delay of three or more years. The program’s primary goals are to prepare students for entry into either the Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) or the Challenges programs. Courses include English Language Arts, French as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Geography, History & Citizenship, Arts, Physical Education, Life in Society and Entrepreneurship.

WOTP (Work Oriented Training Path)

The WOTP program is a 3-5 year program for students that are at least 15 years of age who have not achieved the objective of the elementary level programs of studies for language of instruction and mathematics. Students spend two to three days a week in a variety of work experiences and, upon successful completion of the program, receive a Prework Training Certificate from Ministère de l’ Éducation et Enseignement supérieur. This certificate will attest to their employability skills. Students will experience five broad areas of learning which are related to real life situations including: Health & Well-Being, Career Planning & Entrepreneurship, Environmental Awareness & Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, Media Literacy and Citizenship & Community Life and included courses such as French as a Second Language, English Language Arts, Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Arts, Personal Development and Career Development.

After School Program

The after school program runs throughout the year providing a variety of fun therapeutic activities to our students and to meet the needs of families looking for after school care for their children. All programs are led and supervised by qualified instructors and educators.