Code of Conduct

L.I.N.K.S High School

All members of the L.I.N.K.S community have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must demonstrate respect for themselves, for others, for the environment, and for the rules and regulations of the school.


 LINKS HS students are expected to treat each other with respect. As such, actions such as BULLYING will not be tolerated. BULLYING is a willful, repeated and aggressive behaviour towards another with the intent to harm, and includes:

  • Derogatory comments, racial, religious, or homophobic slurs and name-calling;
  • Threats and intimidation (physical, verbal, or written);
  • Intentional exclusion and/ or humiliation;
  • Manipulation of another individual;
  • Any of the above actions committed via social media;
  • Physical violence;
  • Taxing and

These actions may occur at school, on or near school property, during or outside of school hours or through electronic communication/ social media/ cyberbullying.


If a LINKS HS student is experiencing bullying in any form, they should immediately take measures to stop it. The first step is to tell a responsible adult such as a teacher, administrator, staff member or parent. Severity of disciplinary action is at the discretion of the principal. DISCIPLINARY ACTION MAY INCLUDE A SUSPENSION OF UP TO 5 DAYS. Whenever possible, an in-school suspension or an alternative to suspension program will be offered rather than an at-home suspension.

As a rule, we try to prevent bullying before it starts. This is a process in which all stakeholders hold responsibility.

Parents are encouraged to speak with their children about respect for others, take appropriate action at home when there are problems of this nature and cooperate with the school should an incident arise.

School Staff will be vigilant in their instruction and supervision of students and address any issues brought to their attention. School personnel will educate students and raise awareness about the issue through classroom visits and awareness campaigns such as anti-bullying assemblies. The guidance counsellor will mediate conflict between students in a safe and respectful environment. Students are encouraged to seek help in situations of conflict before it escalates into a larger problem.

Whenever possible, a resolution between bully and victim will be sought through means such as meetings with our guidance counsellor and/or administration, outside counselling services for one or both parties, or other form of mediated agreement between both parties.


In incidents involving physical violence, administration reserves the right to send the student home for the remainder of the day, or longer, depending on the situation.


As a LINKS HS student, you will be spending most of your day (and often many years) with the same people around you.  It is important to the proper functioning of the school that all its members conduct themselves with self-discipline and courtesy toward others.

LINKS High School expects students to:

  • cooperate with their teachers and classmates, to behave in an acceptable manner and participate in class.
  • cooperate with staff members in the school. Rudeness or refusal to obey instructions will result in disciplinary action;
  • behave in an acceptable manner in the school corridors during the day. Running and/ or screaming in the halls is unacceptable.  Eating and/or drinking in the halls is forbidden.  Students caught littering and/ or vandalizing will face disciplinary actions;
  • arrive to class ON TIME with all the required materials (for example pens, pencils, physical education uniform), to perform the tasks expected of them;

Respect for our neighbours by staying off private property and behave in an appropriate manner when visiting shops and restaurants around the school.

 LINKS HS students are not to enter the St-Pius Career Centre.


Respect for school property is a student obligation.  Vandalizing school property and equipment will necessitate intervention with school administration.

EATING and/ or DRINKING in the halls is not permitted.


  • be in the corridors during class without a hall pass;
  • invite outsiders into the school to visit them;
  • share lockers or use lockers other than their own;
  • use gaming device or any other electronic devises during class unless with the consent of the teacher and for educational purposes only. Misuse of this privilege may result in the confiscation of said device, which will be turned to administration. Student must then see the administrator before the phone is returned;
  • bring backpacks/ handbags to class;
  • smoke or vape in the school building, or on/ near school premises. A student who breaks this regulation will automatically be referred to administration.

Student detentions must be served.  Failure to do so will result in further action; i.e. contacting parents, and the involvement of administration.  Failure in serving a detention may result in additional disciplinary action.


Suspension penalties may be administered to students up to a maximum of 5 days as a result of (but not limited to) the following infractions:

  • disrespectful or rude behaviour 
  • use, possession or distribution of drugs, alcohol, or other
  • illegal substances
  • bullying, including cyber-bullying
  • skipping classes
  • fighting, horseplay, pushing, hitting
  • vandalism, theft or destruction of property
  • frequent dress code violations
  • uttering threats, harassment, name-calling
  • lates (frequent and unexcused)
  • skipping detention
  • physical or verbal abuse towards others
  • smoking on school property
  • possession/ use of dangerous items


  • Participate in any extra-curricular activities: dances, sports teams, shows.
  • Visit the school or loiter outside the school building. Should they do so, the period of suspension may be extended.

If a student refuses or fails to report for a detention, the student must be referred immediately to the administration for action. The administrator having reviewed all aspects of the circumstances - in particular, the past record of the student - will take one of the following actions: (not in order of priority)

  • verbal warning
  • letter to parent
  • school detention
  • suspension

Any student who is aware that he/ she must leave early during the day must inform their homeroom teacher.  These students are to present a note signed by a parent or guardian with a valid telephone number(s) indicating the desired dismissal time. Parents will be called to verify the early dismissal.

Any student who is ill or injured or for any other valid reason wishes to leave school early must report to the office, or a member of the administration so that an appropriate authority figure can be notified of the departure.  



Students are expected to be on time for school, which begins with the first period at 7:56AM.  Those arriving after 7:56AM are considered late and must report immediately to the main office to be given an admit slip which must be presented to the first period teacher. 

A detention will be issued by the office to students who are late for the first period in the morning or for the period after lunch.  

Students arriving after 8:30AM without a dated note or phone call from a parent will not be permitted to attend classes before being seen by administration.  Depending on the individual situation, students may be sent home.

Class attendance is done by period.  Subject teachers will intervene with students who are late for period 2 and/ or period 4 classes.  Administration then ensures that all students were present and accounted for in all classes throughout the day.

Students presenting a valid note to the secretary, justifying a late arrival and signed by a parent or guardian will be exempt from detention.  

Leaving School Grounds at Lunch:

Students in our CASP and MAP 1-2 and DEFIS programs are prohibited from leaving the school grounds during the day including lunch and recess, unless accompanied by school adults.  Students in the MAP 3 and 4, WOTP or APP programs are allowed to leave the school premises ONLY during lunch hour (NOT RECESS).

 If a parent does not want their child to leave the premises at lunch, they must advise the school in writing.  Students are responsible for their own conduct and safety while off of school property.

***Please be advised the above may change depending on the government’s protocol with COVID.


Students in our CASP and MAP 1 and 2 programs are prohibited from leaving the school grounds during the day including lunch and recess, unless accompanied by school adults. Students in the DEFIS, MAP 3 and 4, WOTP or APP programs are allowed to leave the school premises ONLY during lunch hour (NOT RECESS).

If a parent does not want their child to leave the premises at lunch, they must advise the school in writing. Students are responsible for their own conduct and safety while off of school property.

During COVID pandemic: No students will be leaving school grounds unless stated otherwise by the government.


The LINKS Bistro offers daily snacks supported by the Breakfast Club of Canada. The bistro will also offer hot meals a few days a month depending on the learning from our students in the kitchen. Microwaves will be available in the cafeteria for students to use.


Eating or drinking at any time of the school day is strictly restricted to the cafeteria and school yard.  Furthermore, all students are expected to clean up after themselves at the end of their meal.  Students found in violation of the cafeteria rules shall be subject to disciplinary action.  

***During the COVID pandemic: cafeteria may or may not be accessible. Families will be informed of any change.

 accessible. Families will be informed of any change.


All visitors must enter from front door and sign in. The front office will follow-up with their needs.  Visitors are only permitted once they have been seen by front office and are given authorization to stay.

***During COVID pandemic: visitors may not have access indoors.  Updates will be provided.



Several fire drills, evacuations, and lockdowns will be held during the school year to practice the correct emergency procedures.  All drills must be treated with respect and importance.  During class time, students are to follow their teacher’s directions and move quickly and quietly


Each student will be assigned a locker and a school lock. Lockers must be kept tidy and free of objects or materials not permitted in a school setting material.

NEVER leave valuables in your locker.  The school cannot guarantee their security.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


  • Homeroom teachers will assign lockers to their students during first week of September.
  • A Locker assignment form will be provided to the teachers indicating the location and locker numbers (range of lockers) and locks to be assigned to your students.
  • Teachers must use the Locker assignment form to indicate the name of their students, locker number and lock serial number (or indicate key lock).




Any color

  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Long sleeves or short sleeves sweaters
  • Hoodies are acceptable*
*The hood must not be worn in school
  • Cropped top shirts that expose a student’s midriff
  • Tank tops, spaghetti string and halter tops, Strapless tops (e.g. tube tops)
  • Large logos
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments
  • See through clothing

Any color Appropriate length

  • Pants (dress pants, joggers, leggings, clean jeans)
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • In an appropriate length
  • Intentionally torn or ripped pants
  • Mini skirts, mini dresses, mini shorts


  • Running shoes
  • Flat shoes
  • Indoor boots
  • Running shoes are required for gym
  • Flip flops
  • High heels


  • WOTP students may be required to wear work related clothes/uniform depending their stage placement


  • Baseball caps, hoods, and other non- religious headwear/hats are not allowed on the head in school
  • Any form of clothing that supports or promote drugs, alcohol, violence, racism or are sexist and/or sexual in nature.
  • No extra adornments such as make- up, big jewelry, tattoos, cologne or perfume.


  • T-shirts
  • Sweatpants,leggings or shorts
  •  No jewelry
  • Running shoes are an absolute must.
    For safety reasons children without appropriate footwear for physical education will not participate in that day’s activities.)