After School Programs

L.I.N.K.S High School

The LINKS after school program provides a variety of activities throughout the week that are tailored to our student’s strengths and interest and help develop their life skills and social skills. It is also a great place for students to socialize with other students in an unstructured environment. The program runs throughout the year and students can attend on a full time or part time basis.

We offer activities such as cooking, art, dance, physical activity both indoors and outdoors and we collaborate with outside resources for our therapies.

The staff that work in the After School Program also work at LINKS during the day which provides stability and continuity for the students and, we work closely with the behaviour technicians to ensure that all student plans and goals are carried into the afternoon.

Benefits of the After School Program:

  • Promotes positive social interactions and relationship building.
  • Provides short and long-term individualized therapy goals.
  • Focus on life skills and social skills.
  • Fosters teamwork.
  • Develops and encourages independence and self-determination.
  • Increases daily physical activity.