L.I.N.K.S High School

In partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada, L.I.N.K.S. offers a warm homemade breakfast to all our students two times a week. Breakfast is prepared by staff and the WOTP students.

Breakfast Program Menu
January & February 2023



January 10
Chocolate chip muffins
January 12
Toasted bread roll with cream cheese
January 17
Homemade Pop tarts
January 19
Cheese biscuits
January 24
Pizza bagels
January 26
Breakfast Casserole
January 31
French toast cups
February 2
Bagel with cream cheese
February 7
Breakfast Sandwich
February 19
Ham and cheese croissant
February 14
Pancake Breakfast
February 16
Cranberry Lemon Muffins
February 21
Cinnamon bread
February 23
Jamaican Patties
February 28
Banana Muffins
March 2nd
Kitchen Closed no breakfast