Guidance Department

L.I.N.K.S High School

The guidance department is committed to helping our students in their academic, social and emotional well-being.  Our school is served by a full-time guidance counsellor who is available to students.  At L.I.N.K.S, our guidance counsellor oversees the confidential files for each of our students and ensures that their files are up to date with the documentation that supports their needs.  Our guidance counsellor also coordinates all meetings with external professionals and organizations that provide services to our students at school.

Unique in this role in the EMSB,  Our career advisor is available to support students in finding and maintaining work placements in our work-oriented training pathway (WOTP) program, as well as our Autonomy Preparation Program (APP).   

She assists students with career advice, preparation for the job market, and work skills development as well as facilitating stage placements and cultivating relationships with local businesses where our students' complete work placements throughout the year.  Local Montreal businesses who may be interested in hosting students in semi-skilled trade areas may reach out to Ms. Farley directly for possible inclusion as one of our WOTP placement partners.