School Program

Modified Academic Program (MAP) 

The MAP program exposes students to the Cycle One high school curriculum (secondary 1 and 2) as well as entrepreneurship, life skills training and preparation for further studies in WOTP.

MAP is a 4-year program with core subjects that focus on literacy, numeracy and communication skills for students with an academic profile that shows a delay of three or more years. The program’s primary goals are to prepare students for entry into either the Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) or the Challenges programs. Courses include English Language Arts, French as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Geography, History & Citizenship, Arts, Physical Education, Life in Society and Entrepreneurship.

Students can spend a maximum of 4 years in this preparatory program which reinforces core academic skills. Students who make significant gains in literacy and numeracy are referred back into mainstream educational settings with support. Students who meet the objectives of MAP are referred into the WOTP pathway or into DÉFIS, depending on their progress and needs.